Remember how I switched to Wordpress from raw HTML? I’ve come to the conclusion that may have been an overcorrection. It’s easier than the FTP method, but there’s a lot of overhead to it. When I decided to switch to GitHub Pages, it seemed good to switch the blog over, too. Now the blog’s powered by Jekyll. The blog’s also open source, which I’m sure is good for something.

This may be a honeymoon period, but I’m a big fan of Jekyll so far. LaTeX support was a lot easier to set up than I imagine it would’ve been on WordPress, which is very exciting. Support for inline code snippets is also really great. \(x^2 + x + 1\) and foo() look so much better than x^2 + x + 1 and foo().

It’s really nice having the new site up on the right URL. Expect more here soon - I’ve been working on some interesting things I’m excited to share.