It’s been very slightly over two years since I’ve updated this blog. Let’s change that! I have a project to announce that’s been in the works since 2020: The FQL Museum.

It was originally inspired by looking at retro game compilations by Atari, Sega, and Namco, and going “wouldn’t it be funny if I did that for my games?” The more I thought about it, though, the better the idea seemed. I had taken a lot of my old games off of itch because they were kind of embarrassing and unprofessional, but they were games I was proud of then and am still kind of proud of now. It’d also be a way to release some unreleased games, and it’d also be a good way to learn how to use Electron. Two years of on-and-off work later, and it’s finally ready to release.

Note that I didn’t say it was done. That’s not really accurate. I’m sure that future hard drive spelunking will turn up new things to put in the museum. I know for a fact that there are three or so games that could easily be slotted in, and a handful more that could be inserted with some porting. (The museum’s main menu could use some sprucing up, too, but that’s less important.) Still, I’m happy calling this 1.0 and moving on to other projects for now.

I haven’t used the name Finis Quartus Luna in a couple years, but it was my main identity online for a while. This museum is the sendoff that pseudonym deserves, I think. Please enjoy.